Dairy Feed

Increasing Yields, Increasing Profits

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Milk King MA - 70

For High Lactating Animals

Milk King is specially designed for high milking yield animals. It is for animals producing at least 15+ liters of milk per day. It helps them grow the milking capacity by providing a complete and balanced diet.

MA - 71

For Medium Lactating Animals

Best for medium milking yield animals,  MA 71 is formulated for animals producing 12-15 liters per day. The complete formulation ensures optimum health and ease in reproduction.

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MA - 74

For Low Lactating Or Dry Animals

Many farmers in Pakistan overfeed their low producing lot which increases the costs of production. MA - 74 helps in farm economics by providing a low cost complete solution for animals producing less than 10 liters of milk per day.

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Buff King

Special Feed For Buffaloes

Pakistan has a large buffalo population which has not been properly catered to nutritionally and hence have low productions. Matra Asia launched a specialized feed for buffaloes with the right quantity of fat to ensure quality milk production.

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Fattening Feed

Increasing Weight, Increasing Profits

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Meat King

For Fattening Animals

Pakistan is a meat loving nation and has a high local demand for quality beef. Meat King is a specialized solution for animals kept for meat purposes. It helps in constant weight gain of the animal and helps ensure the complete nutritional well-being.

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Calf King

Special Feed For Calves

A newborn calf is a very vulnerable animal and needs the right nutrition to grow to its full potential. Matra Asia has specially designed the Calf King animal feed for animals still consuming milk. A quality nutritional intake at this stage will ensure a healthy living animal for life.

Feed Additives

State Of The Art, French Technology

Matra Asia partners with 'Le Gouessant' in animal nutrition. Possessing the French technology the Le Gouessant Cooperative brings various products for animal well-being and healthiness to the dairy industry of Pakistan.

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Excellence HD Mineral Mixture

Excellence HD covers the high mineral needs of dairy cows. It provides rumen-protected vitamins(A, D3, E) for a better efficiency. It contains trace elements in organic form (chelate, organic selenium) which is better absorbed and transformed by the animal.