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Matra Asia And Austrex, Reshaping Livestock In Pakistan

Matra Asia and Austrex recently got involved into a partnership to import Australian cattle to Pakistan. By doing so Matra plans to facilitate the small scale farmers increase their yields and reduce their feeding costs. With a large network all over Pakistan Matra looks to deal with the adaptation issues faced by the farmers while importing cattle.

Established in 1973, Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd “AUSTREX” is a pioneer of the livestock export trade and is today regarded as a global industry leader.

A strong reputation around the world for integrity, quality and reliability, AUSTREX has a long and recognised history in the safe and humane export of quality breeder and feeder cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses, buffalo and genetics.

With recent events worldwide relating to food safety and animal welfare, consumers understandably want more detailed, verifiable information and background on the products they purchase. The trading environment is changing, and livestock exporters, as a vital link in the global food supply chain must move forward in meeting this challenge.

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