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Animal Feed

Formulated for customized needs

Livestock requires a complete balanced ration which is managed by cattle compound feed. The dietary requirements of various animals vary according to their body mass index as well as milk production.
Keeping in mind the technicalities faced by dairy farmers Matra Asia has partnered with Le Gouessant Cooperative France and formulated special feeds for different types of milking and fattening animals. Matra Asia boasts a wide range of dairy feed products for Cows, Bulls, Buffaloes as well as goats and sheep. This complete range allows the dairy farmers to feed animals according to their dietary requirements. Feed varieties differ in protein and energy levels. All animal feeds brands by Matra Asia are approved by the Government of Punjab and are Aflatoxin free.

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Fodder Seeds

The grass is always greener on our side

The dietary requirements of livestock can not be met solely by compound feed. Fresh fodder crops are the main component of animal's feeding. The Pakistani dairy farmers have been forced to buy annual fodder seeds that have low protein levels and act only as mere fillers for an animal. Matra Asia has introduced a wide variety of seeds for dairy farmers which will ensure a continuous fodder availability around the year.
Matra Asia has partnered with International seed giants like Heritage Seeds in Australia and Alforex Seeds in the USA. Crops like Rhodes grass, Rye grass, Alfalfa and Sorghum sudan grass are changing the landscape of the dairy farming business in Pakistan. Matra Asia also boasts exceptional qualities of Maize seed varieties.

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Feed additives

God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man.

Feed additives are a crucial part of an animals diet just like it is for humans. Macro and Micro minerals are required by animals for immune system health and reproductive cycle security. Right amounts of calcium, potassium and vitamins are important for a dairy animal.
Matra Asia is in collaboration with the French dairy nutrition giants Le Gouessant and is the sole distributor of the company's products in Pakistan. Boasting a wide range of dairy minerals and feed additives that help prevent serious diseases like milk fever and calcium deficiency.