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Improving efficiencies can be far more effective in maintaining or increasing profitability with a lower milk pay-out than cutting costs. Whilst cost cutting reduces inputs, it often also results in a drop in output, the value of which can be greater than the cost saved

There are several areas where maize silage can help improve feed efficiency. Feeding maize silage when cows are on high protein spring pasture will dilute total protein intake, reducing the amount of energy wasted in excreting excess protein. Also the high starch content helps rumen microbes to utilize more of the protein

It takes more energy to put weight on a cow than is released when weight is lost, so feeding baled silage to maintain body condition when fodder is short is more efficient than letting cows lose weight and trying to put it back on later in the season. It is also more efficient to use baled silage to gain body condition in the autumn when cows are still milking than to dry cows off early

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